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Artificial intelligence has raised the bar for written
Good is the new average, and great is the new good. Working with an expert
freelance financial writer, you can offer original thought leadership that stands out in a sea of sameness.

What value do I add?

My name is Matthew Jackson. I'm a CFA charterholder and a premium content writer for wealth management and financial advisory firms.

I'm a consultant by training. Over fifteen years, I've honed my ability to use and develop frameworks to solve complex problems, and communicate with clarity and precision.


I come from the financial industry. My focus has been working with, in, and for financial firms for over a decade. As a CFA charterholder, I also have a firm grasp of investing fundamentals.


Educated in Classics at Oxford, I learned to approach language as a science as well as an art form, and especially how to use words to inform, persuade, and delight.

"Good writing is an illusion: what people call good writing is actually good thinking."

- Paul Graham

Why work with me? 

Simplify the complex. I am motivated by difficult problems and ambitious deadlines.  I enjoy the process of breaking down complex topics into their essence, and rebuilding them into a compelling narrative that is concise and clear, whilst honoring the nuance.

Get results fast. In our initial conversation about your goals, you can give me as much - or as little detail - as you like. Then I will start writing. It's unusual for a first draft to take more than 2-5 days. My consulting days primed me for speed and old habits die hard.

Exceed your objectives.  Perfectionism can be a potent force when appropriately constrained by time and budget. Whatever your goal, we can create the words to get you there, and just that little bit further.

"The depth of both his understanding of the fundamentals of the space and his ability to intelligently research was very clear in how well he was able to incorporate  the cutting edge concepts we are implementing - and without need of significant revisions from his first draft!"

- Head of Strategy

"Matthew is an incisive writer with the intelligence to delve deep into understanding the essence of complex topics, and the flexibility in his writing style to be able to engage any audience. Matthew is a pleasure to work with."

- Futurist & Commentator

"Unlike many of our writers, we don’t need to spend any time editing his work. He also gets the work in quickly and offers a high level of insight instead of just regurgitating news. We look forward to working with Matthew more in the future."

- Journal Editor

"I had the privilege of collaborating with Matthew on a book - a long project that took many different twists and turns. Matthew was the epitome of patience but also provided good guidance and direction as we worked together. The result was better than I could have hoped for. The reviews for readers were very encouraging, and confirmed that it was worth all the effort! I'm very appreciative of Matthew for his wisdom, insight and tenacity."

- Advice Firm Owner

"Matthew is not only an exceptional writer but is also a fantastic collaborator. Matthew understands the assignment but then goes deeper to ensure he understands the context most important for the audience to receive."

- Consultant

"His meticulous research ensures that every piece he produces is not only factual, but also credible. Working with Matthew has been an absolute pleasure thanks to his unwavering professionalism and commitment to excellence."

- Wealth Content Manager

Case studies


A Matter of Time: Principles, Myths & Methods for the Hourly Financial Advisor

White Paper

New Frontiers in Wealth Management: How advice firms can ensure long-term survival in a changing world


"Are Financial Advisors Worth It?" A Survey of US Consumers


Financial Planning Magazine: A price model that fits clients (and advisors)

Knowledge Base

Strategic Content Creation: Middle Eastern Wealth Management Firm

What do you need?


Life keeps happening, markets keep moving, and the need for content never stops. Neither will we.

8-12 hours

Blog Posts

Web Copy

( i.e. landing page)



Whether it is a specific target you have in mind, or the world in general, we'll get the word out.

12-30 hours

White Papers

Deep-dive Articles

Multi-part Education Series

Books &

Some ideas only fit into a book. Don't have 100 spare hours in your calendar? That's what I'm here for.

50-200+ hours


Full-length Books

Factors that affect timeline

Decrease Timeline

  • Clear Briefs that define the scope, audience and goal

  • Detailed Structure with flow and main conclusions already defined

  • Research Source Provided with most relevant links / articles for piece in hand

Extend Timeline

  • Research that requires locating data or extensive reading

  • Iterations that require multiple refinements or alternative reworkings

  • Direction changes that require fundamental alterations to the request or concept

The Marketer's Dilemma

Nov 9, 2023
4 mins

Is creating standout content worth the effort? It depends on what you get out of it. Which is (happily) within your control.

Tokenizing Time

Aug 1, 2023
4 mins

Tokenizing time as an immutable on-chain asset aims to enhance labor market liquidity and fairness, though its efficacy remains to be proven.

WealthTech3: A Confluence of Needs

Jun 18, 2023
11 mins

When assets are as liquid as capital (the ‘DeFi Matrix’ being the term coined to describe this phenomenon), the opportunities - and complexities - of wealth management will multiply, creating a stronger need for expert advice.


What is your process in more detail?

There is no definitive approach that works for all engagements, but typically we will follow a process that includes:

  • A phone call to define/refine the scope

  • An initial share of data or materials from your side

  • An initial draft from my side

  • Feedback and iterations

  • Payment by weekly invoice via bank transfer, PayPal or Stripe.

The best place to start is a 30-minute call (no charge) to align on what the goal is and whether I am the right partner to help you with it.

Remind me, why would I hire you specifically?

With a background in consulting, my value-add is as a thinking partner as well as a writer.

That means I can help you not only articulate a message, but refine it based on first-principles thinking. This is useful in a rapidly moving industries  (including wealth management, but also fintech and web3) where there are no 'best practices' and the players must constantly adjust to shifting fundamentals.

If you're not sure what you are looking for, let's have an initial conversation.

What time zone do you work in?

I am based in South Korea (GMT + 9) but I am available from 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific for calls in the US.

Do you have any other niches?

In addition to wealth management, I also work with fintech and web3 firms. If you are looking for services in either of these areas please visit this site.

How do you charge for projects?

I charge a rate of $175 - $300 per hour. The hourly rate depends on the project complexity (more complex --> higher rate). The total cost will depend on the length of the piece we are creating (longer deliverable --> more hours). I charge on an hourly basis because, I do bespoke work in complex subject areas. Each piece is unique (not based on a template) and has its own unique price.

How do you handle revisions and feedback?

The project ends when you are satisfied. In some engagements, iteration can be where the value resides.

What is your turnaround time?

An article, post, or web copy deliverable is normally ready within 2-5 days, and 24hr turnaround is also possible if the need is urgent. For longer pieces, you can expect a first draft within a week and a half.

Have a project in mind?

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