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What you need

You have an idea. Maybe it's a pre-idea. You want to articulate it and share it. The final form could be:

  • A newsletter
  • A report
  • A series of articles

But this takes time. Time to create a structure, write a draft, and iterate to perfection. Time you don't have.

What you get

A fully wordsmithed deliverable, carefully tailored:

  • To the length you specify
  • In the tone you require
  • At the level of detail your audience needs.

Case Study

Blockchain Enablement Platform
The co-founders were busy building and promoting a new metaverse platform.
The proposition was complex and continually evolving. Explaining it to potential investors was a challenge.
A steady stream of content was required to raise awareness and help explain the offering.

Solution: 8-10 articles, ranging in length and content, designed to educate readers on web3 trends in general and the role of the client's proposition as an enabler within the broader picture.

What you need

You are a startup looking for the right investor partner. Your business is:

  • Disruptive
  • Innovative
  • Difficult (for some) to understand.

Your issue: how to share your vision so that investors and users can share it as well.

What you get

All the materials (from detailed report to high-level deck) you need to:

  • Explain your offering clearly and rapidly
  • Demonstrate need & opportunity
  • Empower your stakeholders to inspire others.

Case Study:

GameFi Metaverse Platform
The GameFi industry is nascent and has faced numerous viability challenges.
The project team had created a blockchain-based game focused on addressing user experience.
The remaining challenge was to overcome transferred skepticism from other titles.

Solution: A comprehensive whitepaper setting out the rationale for the new approach, with an accompanying deck covering opportunity size, in-game economics, and investor tokenomics in <15 slides.

What you need

All systems are go with your new venture. But the website is not up to scratch. You need copy that:

  • Explains the 'what' and the 'why'
  • Is written directly to the 'who'
  • Leaves out the 'how' (wherever possible)

Your website is the gateway to your world. It has to be perfect. Getting the wording right requires inspiration, and you need this for other things.

What you get

The maximum amount of info for the minimum amount of words, including:

  • A hero section that "says it all" in 2 lines
  • Descriptions that people can understand
  • (Just) enough background to give confidence.

Case Study:

Blockchain-focused investment fund
The fund was launched, and a placeholder website was in place.
The founder needed to differentiate the fund's strategy in the marketplace.
Amongst other things, this required overcoming misconceptions about what 'crypto-investing' entails and involves.

Solution: A rapid series of iterations with the client resulted in a concise, unique and insightful set of pages giving potential investors an overview of the digital asset market and the relevance of the fund's strategy within this context.

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Because I work with innovators, I find that iteration is often part of the process. This means I don't adhere to a rigid framework for every engagement.

While there is no definitive approach, typically we will follow a process that includes:

  • Initial Phone call: To define/refine the scope and set expectations. (Estimated time: 30 - 60 minutes). If the request is straightforward, this step may not be needed.
  • Initial Data share: I will request any relevant data or materials from your side to help understand your project better.
  • Initial Draft: I will provide you with an initial draft within an agreed period. This will typically be 2-5 days (or sooner if urgent).
  • Iteration: Based on your feedback, we can refine the deliverable through feedback, as necessary.
  • Final delivery: By the end of the process, you'll have the final deliverable(s) in the format you need. The process ends when you say it does.


I work on an hourly basis, like many 'problem-solving' professions (law, accounting), and am currently taking on new work at $225 per hour.

For a list of typical ranges of time & effort for engagements, please download this guide.

Payment is via bank transfer, PayPal, or Stripe. For engagements that last longer than seven days, I invoice on a weekly basis. If less, upon final approval of the deliverable.

If you have a limited budget, feel free to be upfront about this in your initial inquiry.